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Team Development Through Understanding Yourself and Others – An Insighter’s View


Having had the enormous privilege of working with a diverse range of large and small organisations, I have seen the immediate and longer term benefits of individuals recognising their personality types and how these can complement organisational goals as well as strengthen  team relationship and dynamic.

We are all very different from each other!  Having  a diverse range of personalities in an organisation can, if tapped into, be a tremendous asset.  Capitalising on the types of personalities in teams can enhance productivity, efficiency, creativity, team dynamic and general Emotional Intelligence – whilst decreasing unproductive conflict.

Essentially, we can fall into any one of 16 personality preferences or personality types. The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) doesn’t categorise or label the entirety of your personality – neither are there any rights or wrongs.

Once an individuals’ “best fit” MBTI report is confirmed, the workshops we hold then move onto explore the big picture composition of the group. This can highlight how different people, act, think, decide and react to circumstances around them. The workshops we deliver are revealing, informative and participative, as well as incredibly enlightening.

The benefits of understanding MBTI preferences of individuals and how they interact within the team are extensive.  We still hear and speak to organisations we have worked with previously on how enormously informative and useful the insights gained from MBTI workshops have been.

Some of the compelling outcomes we have seen in action after using MBTI have been :

  • Conflict resolution
  • Defined understanding individuals strengths and how to capitalise on them
  • Developed and improved communication techniques within the team
  • Discovery of how the teams style works best with customers
  • Provided Leaders with understanding on how to give more effective feedback
  • Supported individual Personal Development Plans
  • Teams relating to each other with greater understanding and interdependency
  • Improved support of individuals through change and transition
  • Support of more robust and informed decision making
  • Developed thinking skills
  • Improved and changed cultures
  • Recognised stress and pressure points within the team and formulation of self care strategies
  • Greater self and organisational resilience

If you and your organisation are interested in using MBTI as part of  your team building process, get in touch to see how we can help.

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