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Insight One day Workshops


We are pleased to launch our new programme of one day workshops, aimed at tackling some of the key challenges found in the workplace and equipping leaders with the skills and behaviours needed to succeed. All workshops are designed and delivered by our award-winning team of business psychologists, L&D consultants and HR professionals, blending professional development with a creative touch.

The workshops are designed to be delivered in-house to support organisational or team development. These are all day sessions which can be delivered as half day ‘hits’ where a specific need has been identified. Some topics can be delivered as a tailored individual development package encompassing three coaching sessions designed to support specific challenges.

Building Resilience

This workshop examines how building a healthy and positive approach to managing the challenges of work drives effective individual performance. It uses the Resilience@Work tool, designed and developed by Australian Psychologist and resilience expert, Kathryn McEwen, to help people understand the degree to which they are managing and utilising personal, interpersonal and other resources to build their resilience.

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand your personal resilience profile
  • Determine what works for you and how you can build upon it
  • Develop a Personal Action Plan focusing on the areas where you will most benefit then maintain your resilience
  • Option for an additional half day follow up (additional cost)
  • This can be delivered as a workshop for a team, or as an individual development package.

Getting the Best out of People

Based on the PAMBO model – linking Performance to Ability, Motivation, Behaviour and Opportunity – this workshop explores how you manage people through the effective understanding of individuals. You will examine different management styles, understanding how and when to adopt the appropriate approach to managing people and moving from instruction and information to influence.

The second part of the workshop will be dedicated to real-time peer support and challenge – participants will share a performance issue in small groups where colleagues will help decide on the most appropriate approach to driving performance improvement.

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand the drivers of performance from an individual and managerial perspective
  • Have a framework for analysing the performance of individuals
  • Develop coaching and feedback skills
  • Gain new perspectives on a performance issue

Uncomfortable Conversations

As a manager you are expected to address challenging situations every day at work – from difficult performance conversations, to finding the right words to support employees manage their mental health, to dealing with a colleague with a personal hygiene issue. As uncomfortable as they are, they can’t be avoided….

This workshop will help you to understand what drives people to behave and react differently. Using real-time scenarios, it aims to equip you with the practical skills and confidence needed to prepare and conduct potentially difficult conversations, finding the right words to convey your message and achieving a positive outcome for everyone involved.

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand and overcome some of the concerns that hold us back from undertaking uncomfortable conversations
  • Identify the types of impact we want to have
  • Learn techniques for structuring a conversation to effectively deliver your message
  • Practice your skills in real-time scenarios and gain immediate feedback to support your development

Being Your Best Self

Some days it can feel like a constant battle to juggle the tasks on your never-ending “to do” list. With expectations high – those set by ourselves and our perception of what others expect – it can be difficult to feel like a success in any area of life.

This high impact personal development workshop focuses on being your best self at work, aiming to increase your leadership effectiveness enabling you to be a more confident, successful, authentic leader.

You will work on identifying your purpose and the values that underpin your approach at work – defining what success looks like and the blockages to you achieving that success – and we will introduce some practical tools to support you as you develop approaches for increasing your confidence.

Benefits of attending:

  • Identify the behaviours that drive success
  • Understand the personal barriers that limit us
  • Explore your reaction to receiving feedback – how feedback boosts confidence
  • Identify personal core values that have driven your personal success and how to harness these in future scenarios
  • This can be delivered as a workshop for a team, or as an individual development package.

You As A Leader

This one-day workshop aims to increase self-awareness of individual leadership styles and to develop the skills required to understand and influence organisational culture. The workshop has been designed around two key themes:

  1. Leadership vs. management – how they differ and when you need to use both
  2. Recognising your own personal leadership style
  • Why do you lead?
  • What is your vision?
  • The importance of getting ‘on the balcony’ and what to look for when you’re there
  • How do you engage others: the importance of relationships
  • Delivering your vision, dealing with resistance and maintaining momentum

Benefits of attending:

  • Develop a framework to help you define your purpose as a leader
  • Understand how to engage others in delivering the vision for your organisation
  • Learn techniques for managing resistance and delivering results

Team Development Through Understanding Yourself and Others

This team-based workshop uses the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to raise awareness of the preferred styles and approaches of team members leading to increasing effectiveness as a team. Individuals will start to understand the impact they may have on others as well as the benefits and challenges they experience when working with colleagues.

Benefits of attending:

  • Develop insights about personality and the impact on individuals and teams at work
  • Gain a shared understanding of the team’s strengths and challenges
  • Define a Development Promise, capturing each individual’s commitment to embedding the learning, setting objectives to address future challenges and enhancing the effectiveness of the team

Managing in an Uncertain World

Change is a constant in all organisations in every sector – it can drive innovation and creativity, and at the same time it can be disruptive and breed resistance. In an ever-changing world where uncertainty is a given, how do you manage and motivate your team to achieve through the ambiguity?

This workshop examines our own responses to change and considers the different reactions and expectations of those you manage. You will develop strategies that you can apply in the workplace as well as in your own personal life to help you make sense of change and harness the opportunities it provides.

Benefits of attending:

  • Understand different reactions to change and learn strategies for managing them
  • Develop techniques for motivating through uncertainty
  • Learn how to build a culture of flexibility to respond effectively to change
  • Understand how to maintain performance during times of change

Contact laura@insight-hrc.co.uk for more information.

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