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Exploring Mindfulness. South Wales Coaching Network – October Event


We were lucky enough to have Deryl Dix lead our session on Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a hot topic right now. The Media is awash with stories – with A-list celebrities (including many a supermodel) pioneering different practices on their personal blogs. So, it’s trendy. I’ve heard lots of people talking about it and it seems like I should want to try it. However, I have no idea what it actually is.

That is, I didn’t know anything until this morning and after a 2 hour session of discussion and some demonstrations, I think I’m beginning to get the idea.

We began by practicing a mindfulness intervention. This simple exercise encouraged us to really connect with our bodies, breathing and being wholly present in the space. There was a strong emphasis on posture and breath – it’s amazing how different you feel when really paying attention to these.

I expected to feel sleepy as I was so relaxed but I was pleasantly alert and it felt so good to empty my mind of the usual clutter (in my case, incessant list making!).

We discussed our perceptions of Mindfulness – What does it mean? Where does it come from?

How could using this approach benefit both coach and coachee? For the coach, taking some time for yourself before a session allows you to empty your mind, focus on the here-and-now and relinquish any baggage from previous sessions or events of that day. Being fully focused on the coachee enhances listening without bias and supports self control.

For the coachee, practicing together or before a session sets the tone bringing a focus that will enable them to really get the most out of the meeting. Helps with feelings of stress and anxiety – allowing for an honest conversation and a genuine readiness for coaching.

It may be surprising that whilst Mindfulness has its roots firmly in Buddhist tradition, recent scientific studies have shown that Mindfulness can be as effective as medication for those suffering with depression.

After another physical exercise, we engaged in a longer meditation. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time went. I was truly in a zen like state!

So, what are my findings and feelings on Mindfulness now?

I did wonder what impact Mindfulness could have on every day life and behaviours. The cynic in me, before this session, thought it is just meditation – why are people proclaiming it is life-changing somehow?

What I appreciate now is, the calming, grounding and time for self reflection enables us to stop and look at the world differently. We can step back, strip back our emotive and reactive tendencies and reassess. Physically, mentally and emotionally we can access and promote a greater sense of well being.

So, on trend, en vogue, Mindfulness is worthy of the hype.

Our next SWCN session is Wednesday 4th November 9.30am-11.30am at The Principality Buildings, Cardiff. Our topic is ‘Supporting Authenticity‘.

Tickets to our next event are available here.

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