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Virtual Interactive Learning Programmes

The COVID-19 crisis has increased the pace of change in terms of agile and flexible working, as well as an increased understanding that our emotional and professional lives are deeply intertwined. This sudden change requires new thinking by organisations.

In response to lockdown we created an adaptable programme of Live Online Learning sessions. These bitesize and easy to absorb learning sessions can be delivered as interactive one-hour, two-hour and half day online sessions.

Sessions cover specific and emerging Leadership and Personal Development skills such as managing remote teams meeting, influencing skills, improving productivity, resilience and more.

All workshops are designed to be delivered in-house by our award-winning team of business psychologists, L&D consultants and HR professionals.

Personal Development

One hour webinars for up to 12 employees.


Be Your Best Self

Harnessing your strengths to thrive through challenging times

This high impact personal development webinar focuses on being your best self at work, aiming to increase your leadership effectiveness enabling you to be a more confident, successful, authentic leader.

You will work on identifying your purpose and the values that underpin your approach at work – defining what success looks like and the blockages to you achieving that success – and we will introduce some practical tools to support you as you develop approaches for increasing your confidence.

Learning outcomes:

  • Identify the behaviours that drive success for you.
  • Understand the personal barriers that limit us​.
  • Identify personal core values that have driven your personal success and how to harness these in future scenarios.

Building Personal Resilience

Develop a positive approach to managing the challenges of work and life

This webinar aims to support you  to build a healthy and positive approach to managing the challenges of work and life. As an individual you will understand the degree to which you are managing and utilising personal, interpersonal & other resources to build your resilience.

Learning outcomes:

  • Determine what works for you and how you can build upon it​.
  • Develop a Personal Action Plan focusing on the areas where you will most benefit then maintain your resilience.

Blurred Lines

Maximising productivity and motivation while working from home

It is increasingly difficult to feel motivated and remain productive in the current climate. Working from home comes with it’s own challenges and it’s important to be able to clear your ‘to-do list’ and celebrate what has been achieved so far. This webinar aims to make working at home more productive, effective and enjoyable for employees​. The session will help you to learn how to maintain your motivation and achieve more​ but also become more agile and responsive and work effectively within your team.

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn practical tips to maintain perspective and work effectively with competing priorities whilst working at home.

Make an enquiry about our personal development webinars for businesses here.

Team Development

90 minute facilitated online team workshops. We arrange a briefing call with managers before each session.


How To Be Brave

Making good ​decisions that respond to emerging customer needs.

This high impact facilitated session supports teams to learn skills to support effective decision-making and influencing under pressure​. Your team will understand the business landscape they are operating within and how as individuals they can make an impact with a focus on delivering excellent service and responding quickly to customer/client needs.

Learning outcomes:

  • A toolkit of skills to improve effective decision-making and influencing across the team.
  • Clarification and increased confidence in your ability as a team to meet and exceed customer requirements.

Team Power Up

Harness team strengths and kick-start effective hybrid working.

Kick start your new ways of working with a facilitated team session. A great way to inject renewed energy into your team and create a sense of unity and fresh start feel. Focus on:​

  1. Team strengths, collaborative behaviours and measuring success​
  2. Managing energy and wellbeing​
  3. Setting goals and establishing working practices to suit all team members​

Learning Outcomes:

  • Team members who understand individual and team strengths with increased skills and confidence to deliver business priorities together​.
  • Shared techniques to boost, champion and celebrate success.

Brave New World: Making Work Better

Learning from the lessons of 2020 & reimagining your culture for the future.

A facilitated session for senior leaders. Designed to support you to engage your team in driving organisational improvement and realigning your vision. Take stock of the lessons learned and achievements made this year and use those to improve your culture and continue to drive success.

Learning outcomes:

  • Articulate the lessons learned, the successes and the next steps needed to succeed in a post/COVID world.​
  • Agree the key values and behaviours that will drive organisational success.


Book a team session facilitated by one of insight experts today for team building, motivation and performance. Get started today.

Management Development

Two hour interactive webinars for up to 12 managers.


Managing Hybrid Teams

In this webinar we lay out the foundations for effective hybrid working​ helping your organisation establish a culture of flexibility – defining success and measuring impact in a ‘no more 9-5’ world. As managers you will understand how to engage, motivate and support collaborative working for your team.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand key considerations for creating and maintaining effective hybrid teams​.
  • Develop core skills to motivate and engage teams in the new way of working.

Effective Hybrid Working Webinars

Choose between:

  1. Rethinking communication​ -Virtual meetings, conversations that count and team bonding.​
  2. Engagement​ – Building trust and maintaining relationships on screen.​
  3. Redefining Performance ​- Setting expectations, building commitment & driving accountability.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop core skills to enable effective collaborative working in a virtual world.​


To book the managing hybrid teams or one of the effective hybrid working webinars for managers speak to us here.


Leadership Development

Two hour interactive webinars for up to 12 senior managers.


The New Leader

Developing leadership practices to empower organisations of the future 

Introduce evidence-based leadership practices driving organisational success in a post COVID world ​with this interactive webinar.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop authentic, impactful communication approaches that engage and motivate your teams.​


Leading Change

Build a culture of flexibility & motivate others during uncertain times

Learn how to lead and motivate your team to achieve through ambiguity​. Examine your own responses to change and consider the different reactions and expectations of those you lead. ​Develop strategies to apply in the workplace as well at home to help make sense of change and harness the opportunities it provides.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand different reactions to change and learn strategies for managing them​.
  • Develop techniques for motivating through uncertainty​.
  • Learn how to build a culture of flexibility to respond effectively to change.
  • Understand how to maintain performance during times of change.


Executive Coaching

Surviving and thriving 

Individual strategic coaching:​ Benefit from a ‘Critical friend’ to challenge, support and encourage new approaches to achieving organisational success during a crisis and beyond.

Learning outcomes:

  • Confidence in leadership style to achieve results​.
  • Clear vision for the future​.
  • Action plan to share with leadership team.

This is a six session coaching programme delivered over a mutually agreed length of time focusing on helping you to gain confidence in your leadership style to achieve results, develop a clear vision for the future and create an action plan to share with your leadership team.

Enquire about our executive coaching programme here.

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