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Using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator to create high performing teams in schools


We have worked with over 20 schools to support leadership and staff teams.

For these teams the aims have been to:

  • Improve school performance through a high performing team
  • Develop effective communication amongst the team
  • Examine and resolve differences in style that were leading to conflict
  • Commit to actions leading to improvement
  • Enhance self-awareness and the ability to choose effective ways to self-manage

We chose the MBTI to support this development as it provides powerful feedback to individuals in a way that is appropriate for sharing with other people. It enhances the team members’ understanding of each other in way that feels safe and non-threatening.

Whilst the workshops followed similar formats, each was tailored to the needs of that school with facilitators gathering a clear understanding of the challenges facing each school prior to the workshop.

The style of the workshops was drawn from our knowledge and experience of:

  • Building high performing teams and cultures
  • Positive Psychology – framing the work in an motivational way through appreciative inquiry
  • Leadership and management development
  • The psychology of learning and change

The format for the workshops is:

Preparation Phase

  • Work with Headteacher to define the team’s challenges and desired outcome from the day
  • Completion of MBTI questionnaires by team members

Objectives for the workshop

  • Set up for successful working
  • Understanding ourselves and others
  • Introducing and getting feedback on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Raising awareness of different work styles and behaviours
  • Discussing team strengths and blindspots
  • Making some commitments to action

Outline for the workshop

  • Introducing the workshop and its underlying principles
  • Developing the team
    – What will make this a great day?
    – What might get in the way?
  • Introducing the MBTI and giving feedback to team members on their profile
  • Taking part in exercises exploring the differences between each type
  • Finding individuals’ and the team’s best fit
  • Exploring leadership – our assumptions and beliefs
  • The responsibility of leaders to build great relationships, manage themselves and take ownership for change
  • Developing the Team Poster
    – What actions will we take to achieve our vision?
    – Three things we are proud of…
    – We support each other by…
    – Three things we need to improve…
  • Team Plan summary and close

Feedback from Headteacher:

“Kate delivered excellent leadership training on the last two days of term! It has really made us all believe that the Infants and Juniors are now one team and by the second day she even cracked the unbelievers!! The training was so beneficial and achieved so much in two days so please can you pass on my sincere thanks again to Kate.”Feedback from a Headteacher:

Feedback from participants:

“A fantastic day, which has made me think and work a lot.”

“Understanding the important contributions different personalities make to our organisation.”

“To accept that those you normally wouldn’t always work with could be your biggest support.”

“A wonderful and interesting session.”

The self evaluation was most useful – a team needs to have a mix of different personalities.

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