Managing Performance

Performance Management

Aligning the goals of the individual and those of the organisation.

The benefits of aligned goals

At any time and in any organisation any individual should know the following:

  • What their key work objectives are
  • What their development priorities are
  • How these tie in with their organisation’s goals

Organisations using our performance management frameworks report that individuals leave discussions with clear direction. They also report that as those individuals progress, it helps the organisation to fulfil its aspirations too.

The benefits of aligned goals

Our Performance Management Frameworks

Our Performance Management Specialists are passionate about designing and implementing performance management frameworks. These are bespoke frameworks, documentation and training that are designed solely for your organisation.

Being person-oriented, not system-focused, they help managers define priorities in non-bureaucratic and motivating ways.

"An oasis of calm and common sense. "

Kate Bent: HR Director – Equimedia

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