Conflict Resolution


Offering external, impartial support can be all it takes to resolve conflicts and avoid escalating costs.

Effective ways to find a solution

Workplace conflicts increasingly end in stressful, time-consuming and expensive legal processes. External, impartial support can be all it takes to resolve conflicts and bring parties together with less tension, greater speed and at lower cost.

Our expert mediators are experienced facilitators in workplace mediation in a variety of contexts.


Independent mediation in action

Our process is simple and effective. It allows us to understand the case history, consult with each of the parties involved and (when a shared will to find a solution through mediation exists) work towards a solution.

We find that resolutions are usually achieved in the course of a single day of mediation.

"Insight HR always provide an excellent, professional service."

Workplace Mediation

Our team resolves interpersonal conflicts between two or more individuals. We help these people find productive ways to work together in future, encapsulated in a Mediation Agreement. We provide a post-mediation process to monitor and support progress.

Employment Mediation

Our team facilitates negotiations between an organisation and individuals. This may involve agreements to change working practices or, where it is not possible to restore working relationships, reaching an acceptable settlement agreement to allow one or more parties to exit with dignity.

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