Organisational Change

Facilitated Change Programmes

A flexible programme of facilitated workshops with a focus on action for real change.

The catalyst for change

This flexible programme of facilitated workshops is designed to help organisations tackle challenging situations. This may be how to continue effective management with diminishing budgets, or changing restricting cultures, resolving poor team relationships or the modernisation of services.

We help to guide you through critical decision making processes in order to make progress and achieve desired outcomes.

Our focus is action for real change, with participants making open commitments to fulfil their obligations in the transformation process. This is not training; it is time and space for teams to face up to ‘the brutal facts’ (as Jim Collins once described them) and to be supported to find the right responses.


How we facilitate your changes

By creating the right conditions for success, people can cohesively take on even the most challenging changes.

Our Organisational Change Specialists show participants how to create their own solutions by encouraging new thinking, challenging limiting beliefs and sharing ideas from other organisations and sectors.

We’ll also tell you about some of the contemporary tools for change that can help you make progress.

The workshops help participants to:

  • Understand what needs to be achieved
  • Agree what needs to change
  • Define action plans and agree ownership for key deliverables
  • Review progress and take action for results

"The team at Insight make it a priority to know what our business is about and understand what we need. I love the fresh thinking and great ideas they have brought our way. "

Amanda Davies: Group Chief Executive

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