Executive coaching

Working with leaders to enhance entire organisations.

Developing highly productive relationships

We are very specific about what we mean when we use the term ‘Executive Coaching’. This is beyond learning about simple ‘techniques’ – this is about developing a highly engaging and productive relationship with a trusted friend and confidant with whom you can ‘sound out’ and develop new strageties; it’s about being given the space to discover new things; and it’s about exploring new ways of doing things.

Our qualified executive coaches are experienced at working with senior leaders up to and including Chief Executives. They are organisation savvy, and have the gravitas and confidence to engage business leaders.

"I am very encouraged that I can carry out action plan and overcome blocks I have had throughout my career...I feel I have a strong base to succeed from."

RCTCBC Performance Coaching Participant


Challenging the way things are

We develop coaching relationships with Chief Executives and senior team members that enhance their personal performance and that of their organisations. We have a reputation for challenging opinions and mindsets in a way that is influential and has impact.

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