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‘Day-in-the-life’ career development with coaching support.

Reflection, understanding and coaching

At certain points in our career it is invaluable to pause and take stock. By reflecting on how we work right now and where we want to head in the future, we can begin a process of focused and purposeful development. Our Development Centres provide an engaging forum to do this.

Our Business Psychologists and Learning and Development experts tailor our Development Centres to fit the context of each client. We design and implement realistic business simulations for leaders, managers and staff in the public, private and third sectors. These simulations represent a powerful and effective method, contextualising the learning for better, tangible results.

Our latest generation of Development Centres, informed by some of the latest thinking from the field of positive psychology, are inspiring, supportive and encouraging.

Reflection, understanding and coaching

How we do this

Our Centres can include, where desired, the use of psychometric inventories to help people understand underlying traits, drivers and preferences at work. Some Centres also include 360 degree feedback discussions, helping people to understand their impact on others.

"...presenting innovative and practical proposals...ensuring successful outcomes within time and budget."

Participants are paired with Development Centre coaches who support them through the process, and help them map out a clear route to enhancing their performance or prepare for the next steps in their career.

We help participants and their organisations to understand:

  • Their core strengths and how to best apply them
  • Their emerging or under-utilised strengths and how to further develop them
  • Their natural weaknesses and what to do about them

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