Managing Performance

Competency Frameworks

Developing a common understanding of success.

Defining successful performance

Simple, yet powerful, the competency frameworks we develop are focused on one goal: describing what successful performance looks like in your organisation.

A framework can assist integrated HR management and is presented in a straightforward format, so that everyone in the organisation clearly understands the valued behaviours and approaches.

The competencies we have designed with our clients have been used as a common framework for attraction, selection, development and performance management purposes. These often bring clarity and cohesion to previously fragmented and inconsistent criteria.

Assessment Centres

How we create a Competency Framework

In essence, our competency design specialists get together with leaders, managers and staff – conducting one-to-ones, focus groups and other job analysis processes to identify the key qualities needed to excel in your organisation.

Our specialists know that the right mix of knowledge, skills, motivation and personality are required for an individual to succeed in their role and will design a robust and accurate framework – in partnership with you.

"Insight 'listen to understand'. Their challenging expertise and professional support is flexible and creative and critically leads to relevant outcomes."

Sarah-Ellen Stacey: Human Resources Director, RCT Homes

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