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Developing Coaching Skills for Managers

Getting the best out of people is about working with head, heart and hands.

Developing Coaching Skills for Managers

In addition to coaching – delivered either as a wrap around to embed learning or executive ‘state of the nation’ coaching – we also design and deliver coaching skills programmes to train managers and leaders on how to adopt a coaching approach.

Becoming a leaner organisation is about finding improved ways of doing things and eliminating outdated or inefficient habits and practices. Our experience has shown that a management approach that concentrates solely on re-engineering processes rarely delivers satisfactory results.

The key is to engage people around processes in order for them to be able to deliver the maximum benefit. This often means developing new skill sets and approaches for managers that go beyond the traditional ‘tell’ (autocratic) or ‘sell’ (persuasive) approaches, towards a deeper engagement and learning transfer.

Our training is very hands-on – we make use of actors and experienced coaches who will give you valuable feedback in order to build confidence and develop techniques. We can offer one or two-day workshops to introduce a coaching skills culture to your organisation, and participants can choose to attain Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) qualifications.


ILM Qualifications

Identifying what needs to change is only part of the challenge, and arguably the easiest part. Moving people from ingrained practices and habits takes particular skills. We meet the person ‘where they are’ and help them define ways of moving forward which work in their particular, individual case.

Insight’s coaching goes beyond models and techniques to help participants work with their own unique challenges.

Insight is an accredited Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) provider through to Level 7, which means that we can offer nationally-recognised qualifications to participants who successfully complete our programmes.

"Excellent. Very enjoyable and eye opening. I am very excited about starting to coach."

ILM Level 7 participant

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