Conflict Resolution

Challenging Conversations

Providing managers with the skills and confidence to raise issues early and effectively.

Creating Positive Outcomes

We know that having challenging conversations is seen by many as their most difficult task. In organisations where making staff accountable for their results is a key priority, it is vital to have the confidence to tackle issues early and effectively. Whether it's regarding performance, conduct or appropriate behaviour, our aim is to help managers understand and overcome barriers to holding difficult conversations. Our workshops will provide managers with the tools they need to turn challenging situations into productive meetings with positive outcomes.


Practical Workshops

Our workshops are designed to help mangers tackle a variety of challenging issues in the workplace and provide them with the skills and practical know how to deal with these situations. This is achieved through one-to-one and group exercises that reflect real situations in your workplace. We will tailor the programme length and content to meet your organisations needs.

The programme includes a range of learning methods including expert input from Business Psychologists, self-evaluation techniques, challenging practice sessions using professional business actors with detailed feedback, forum theatre observations, group work and opportunities to work through real life situations that the participants must face.

We will cover topics such as:

  • The various types of challenging conversation
  • Why it is so important to get it right
  • Managing performance before a problem occurs
  • The psychology underpinning conflict management
  • Understanding how to set the tone for productive conflict
  • Broadening your range of conflict handling styles

Workshop Case Study

Delivering Confidence

Our partners at Hugh James will enable participants to appreciate the legal context of such conversations. The aim of the legal input will be centred on prevention rather than cure, and will provide an update on current Statute, case law, commercial advice and HR best practice. We can weave your policies throughout the legal input as appropriate.

We work closely with clients to really get an understanding as to what is going on in their organisation and to identify real issues that they are dealing with day to day. We then use this information to build exercises which closely relate to a range of scenarios in the workplace.

For the participant, the key objectives are:

  • To understand and overcome some of the concerns that hold us back from undertaking challenging conversations
  • To identify the type of impact we want to have via a challenging conversation
  • To recognise what we need to do to prepare for a challenging conversation
  • To practice and learn the realities of conducting a challenging conversation

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