Assessment Centres

People perform at their best when they work to their strengths.

Award-winning candidate assessment

When evaluating high quality candidates, research shows that traditional selection interviews have only a low to moderate success rate. This is because they allow candidates to tell you how great they are. So we created our award-winning assessment centres that let you see how great they actually are.

Our assessment centres are designed with each role, organisation and culture in mind. We help our clients to measure both the candidate’s qualities to do the job and their ‘fit’ within the wider team and organisation.

"The Insight assessment process helped us to gain a holistic picture of candidates. The successful candidate quickly made a strong contribution and became an essential part of the team."

Chief Executive: Local Authority

Assessment Centres

How we do this

We expose candidates to techniques designed to simulate the challenges of the job and to demonstrate how they will perform in real-life situations.

Our techniques include:

  • Analysis and decision-making exercises
  • Interactive presentations
  • One to one meetings (focusing on performance, conduct, change issues,etc.)
  • Task group meetings
  • Customer interactions
  • Ability tests
  • Personality inventories
  • Motivation questionnaires
  • Specialist interview techniques

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