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RCT County Borough Council

Improving personal and service performance through coaching

The Objective

RCT has been placing an emphasis on the effective delivery of front-line services and improved performance as a whole.  The Council worked with Insight to develop a creative approach to performance management.   Our performance coaching sessions simultaneously overcame real obstacles to the achievement of individual objectives, whilst modeling problem-solving techniques that leaders and managers could apply within their own teams.

The Solution

Insight implemented a programme of one-to-one performance coaching sessions with over 100 of the Council's leaders and managers.  Prior to the coaching session, each participant would agree with their line manager the key performance goal that should be tackled.

Our coaches worked with each participant, helping them to better evaluate the nature of their challenge; to map out the options; and to define the best plan of action possible.  Importanly, we helped the participants set aside any unhelpful assumptions and beliefs that were limiting their ability to make progress. 

After the performance coaching session, the participant discussed the outputs with his/her line manager to ensure there was a shared understanding of the strategies and tactics they would be adopting.  Our approach was designed so that each leader and manager took ownership of the action plan, after the support from our coaches. 

What we did:
  • One to one coaching

The Results

The programme was very well-received by the vast majority of the participants. They chose a broad variety of issues to work on and were often surprised by the progress made in a short space of time.  In fact why don't we just let them tell you what they thought about their experiences?

  • "Fantastic session"
  • "Far more producitve than I expected"
  • "Not pressurised: an extremely comfortable and productive conversation"
  • "Very worthwhile and thought-provoking"
  • "Helped me to develop ideas for managing change in the service"
  • "Encouraged me to develop me own ideas and actions and helped me to identify a clear way forward"
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