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Adaptive leadership development for a sector-leading company

The Objective

Castleoak is a highly successful design and construction company specialising in the care sector. The company was keen to implement a premium quality leadership development programme in order to reinforce its performance and values during a strong period of growth.

The Solution

Insight formed a close working relationship with key stakeholders at Castleoak in order to understand where the business was heading and the key outcomes required from the leadership development programme. We then implemented a programme of tailored 360 degree feedback for Executives and Senior Managers that acted as final element of the ‘design’ process. The result was a programme to take leadership to the ‘next level’ across the business, focusing on topics such as:

  • Coaching and developing the capacity of others
  • Contemporary leadership
  • Communication and influence
  • Building relationships and partnerships
  • Delegating and empowering others

These workshops for all leaders were supported by individual coaching sessions – enabling each participant to work on the specific aspects of leadership they considered a priority for development.

Mid-way through the programme the effects of the economic down-turn hit the construction sector hard. At Castleoak’s request, we adapted the programme to focus on leading the company through the more challenging market conditions – exploring issues of operational efficiency and optimising resources. The programme was used as a catalyst to instigate a significant programme of change and enhancement across the business.

What we did:
  • 360 leadership development
  • Organisational change
  • Coaching

The Results

Castleoak adapted to altered market conditions, led itself through the recession with success and remains a strong performer in its field. Leaders and managers across the business have responded well to the programme and have made real changes to the way they do business.

Participants suggested that the programme was “thought-provoking” and “timely to the company’s change agenda”.   Some suggested it had helped to enhance not just their work life, but other aspects as well.

We ensured that leadership development was linked directly to the real challenges facing the company, enabling one busy executive to describe his workshop involvement as “a good day’s work”.

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