Testimonial: Sue Walker, Head of Achievement (Primary)

February 16th, 2015

Testimonial: Sue Walker, Head of Achievement (Primary)

From a school improvement point of view, the most impressive result I have witnessed is the confidence in the teachers that took part in the program. It has been fantastic to see their confidence grow and see them developing networks as a result. Aspiring Leaders offers a great platform for teachers to see how their skillsets fit within the corporate world.

Part of the program saw the teachers completing a ‘100 days of teaching’ task in which they were asked to think about and to present what would be useful for them to do in their first 100 days of being a head of a school. The teachers were able to identify what meetings would be worthwhile, get clarity on their vision and wants and needs, and this task performed almost as a ‘self-help’ guide for getting stuck into the positions they have their sites on taking in the future.

Before, during and after the program we tried to pin point each individual’s levels within the current Welsh Government Leadership standards, and with every single one of the participants, we saw their leadership skills improve against the Welsh Government criteria.

Of the first cohort that we have put through the program, all 17 have since made a move (either seconded or promoted) since completing Aspiring Leaders. Impressively, three of the individuals who were primary practitioners are now heads!

Sue Walker, Head of Achievement (Primary)

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