Testimonial: TES Aviation Training Programmes a Success

February 16th, 2015

Testimonial: TES Aviation Training Programmes a Success

Insight has been working closely with TES Aviation Group to provide training courses aimed at boosting staff effectiveness in a variety of areas, including time management, decision making, project management and communication skills. The feedback from the courses has been overwhelmingly positive, according to Lynda Williams, HR Officer at TES.

“Looking and reflecting on the training that we had, it was actually quite a tall order in the short space of time because of our funding,” says Lynda. “We were pleased with the delivery from Insight, and specific trainers including Sally and Michael were particularly memorable for a lot of our staff.

“Having trainers that can work flexibly was important because of the regular travel that our industry demands, so we were also really happy with the flexibile nature of the training that Insight were able to offer.”

From small touches like bringing biscuits along to meetings to important consistencies such as using the same trainers throughout a course and avoiding repetitive exercises thanks to the communicative relationship between trainers, Insight was able to offer a series of courses tailored to the needs of TES Aviation.

“It’s been an enjoyable experience and a learning curve,” adds Lynda. “Working with Insight has been wonderful.”

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