Leaders and the Super Powers of their People

July 14th, 2014

Leaders and the Super Powers of their People

Like David Ogilvie, as a child I wanted to be a superhero.... the things I could have done with those special powers! As much as I hate to confess it, my earliest memory was of the original Batman series. I can remember suffering through the never-ending news programme waiting for that week's exciting episode...

Although I didn't think about it until much later in life, I came to understand that superheroes, as they were written in the Marvel Comics of the time, were not all 'save the day wearing pants on the outside'. These were more multi-faceted characters: they nearly always battled with some darker side of themselves. Some even questioned whether their powers were gifts or curses.

In this article, Ogilvie covers the lighter aspects of finding our 'hero self' and argues that leaders can and should help their staff to do this. However, I would add that a rounded perspective on what constitutes a 'hero' would need to include those aspects of ourselves we would rather not reveal to others. Superheroes were written as flawed, complex characters, and I think we can be more realistic about our own powers if we recognise that we are flawed and complex too.

You can read the full article by David Ogilvie here.

Simon Wiltshire

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