SWCN 7 months on and all is well...

July 2nd, 2014

SWCN 7 months on and all is well...

Hard to believe it was a cold, dark and wet evening in November when we first came together as a coaching network in the Parkhouse Club, Cardiff. We were nearly 30 strong that evening and although we haven't been consistently that large a group, I'm delighted that a nucleus of 'hard-core regulars' has formed, sprinkled with a diverse range of 'newcomers' each time.

Apart from anything else, I'm thrilled that just about everyone who was with us that first evening has returned to at least one other event. Hence, I believe there is a genuine interest in continuing to develop the network.

Some of the things you said you wanted from the group when we first met were:

Some of your suggestions included:

So how are we doing?

We've crammed in quite a lot of content in the last six months, including monthly co-coaching evenings; our guest speaker, Bev Couzens sharing her model of measuring Return on Investment; monthly morning practical sessions that have included coaching clinics; a different take on "listening" (Nancy Kline's Thinking Environment); and Clive Hyland most recently speaking about neuroscience in coaching.

The morning sessions have gone from strength to strength - the popularity of this practice-based opportunity to share tools and techniques has seen our network consistently grow and enjoy some excellent feedback. Our thanks go to our host organisations (WMC; Taff Housing HA; United Welsh Housing),and our appreciation extends to everyone who has engaged with this forum and volunteered their contributions to date. Please note, there are plenty more opportunities for those of you who've been too shy so far!

So I'd like to think that between the two groups we've been meeting your stated objectives. We've also taken up some of your suggestions - Bev Couzens and Clive Hyland as guest speakers, for example - and have more speakers planned.

What's next?

Just one more evening Co-coaching opportunity on 16th July at The Park House Club

Remaining morning sessions (9.30-11.30am):

Fresh Air Coaching with Ruth Steggles (12th August 2014, in Pentyrch)

Stuart Haden "It's not about the coach" (3rd July 2014 at Hugh James)

*4th October 2014, Companies House

*6th November, Newport City Council

*4th December, The Principality

USWCS collaboration

It is with great pleasure that we can share our collaboration with University of South Wales Commercial Services (USWCS - David Tee and Sharon Mott) following their hugely successful coaching conference earlier this year. It made sense to all of us to join forces and extend our community and it's offering to our combined coaching colleagues. Our scheduled speaker event on 17th September therefore will be our first joint event - watch this space for more details, including some special events e.g. coaching in education (January 2015); the 2nd USWCS Coaching Conference (17th March 2015); as well as narrative coaching.

Thank you for your on-going support and we look forward to sharing and learning more at future events.

  • Evelyn Thomas
  • Mary Hughes
  • Bharti Kerai
  • Manjula Bray
  • Amanda Stewart
  • Pip Gwyn
  • Helen Whitney

* Topic/speaker to be confirmed.

Here is a snapshot of our South Wales Coaching Events over the last 7 months...

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