Coaching Benefits

June 25th, 2014

Coaching Benefits

I have had the pleasure and the privilege of coaching more than 60 clients from a wide variety of organisations. What I have learned from them is that coaching works because it enables people to do three things:

  • Gain clarity about how they would like to be even more effective in their work/home lives.
  • Identify choices for achieving this.
  • Find the positive self-belief they need to act on the best choice.

This sounds so simple to do, doesn't it, and yet we just can't seem to do it on our own. Contrary to popular belief, an effective coach gives no advice at all. Instead the coach uses advanced skills of listening, questioning and reflection to create highly effective learning conversations that enable the client to find answers to their own questions.

The impact of coaching can be striking for both the individual and the organisation. Changes I have witnessed include:

  • Executive directors gaining new insight into their 'default' leadership approach and learning how to adapt it to inspire even better results from their teams.
  • Senior managers moving from a place of avoiding addressing staff performance issues to tackling them effectively head-on.
  • Talented individuals who were not applying for leadership positions, through fear of not being good enough, finding the courage to 'go for it' and becoming highly effective leaders.

So what can coaching do for your organisation? It is a great fit for organisations looking to get more from less, as it supports individuals to solve problems for themselves and it unlocks the potential of your people to maximise their own performance. And I don't know of any organisation that, at least in principle, does not wish for these outcomes.

Helen Whitney

HR Consultant and Executive Coach

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