Thought Of The Week: From Bricks And Mortar, To The Clouds

March 27th, 2014

Thought Of The Week: From Bricks And Mortar, To The Clouds

If we think back 10 years, which most of us can quite easily, we remember that buying something was rather more involved than it is today. We would jump in a car, drive to the car park, circulate praying for a parking space, walk to the store, find the item we want, check a few different shops to find the best price, pay for it, walk back to the car, pay an outrageous sum for parking, and then finally make our way home. Obviously the digital landscape has changed all of that. Speaking personally, I now buy an awful lot of stuff online. A couple of clicks and I part with some of my money and the item is on its way. Easy.

How things have changed! Whilst figures vary, one in ten retail sales now take place over the net. Next time you walk down your high street have a look at the number of 'for sale' signs or closed shops if you want to check out the reality against the hype.

So what has this got to do with recruitment you may well ask? A recent article by onrec points out some very interesting points about how recruiters use online platforms "to help to inform us about the candidate's personality to try and assess whether the person will mesh well with the company culture". And if that is not enough they go on to say that apparently "research has shown that 90% of terminations and resignations are due to personality clashes".

There were two points within this article that I found quite interesting. Firstly, assessing people's personality from a LinkedIn profile is dubious at best and probably has absolutely no validity at all. Second is that if you're looking for work you better start thinking about what information you have not only on your LinkedIn account but also on your Facebook page. Apparently 94% of recruiters vet candidates using LinkedIn before inviting them for interview.

The strong likelihood is that this trend is going to continue, perhaps even moving more of the recruitment and selection process online, squeezing recruiters in the same way that retailers have been squeezed with the invention of the net. In the same way too that web-based retailers have got much more sophisticated and professional over the years, it is likely that the recruitment and selection process will become more sophisticated as well.

You can read the full version of the article here. Enjoy!

Simon Wiltshire

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