Innovative Recruitment

March 19th, 2014

Innovative Recruitment

It's amazing really. The choices we make to appoint people to key roles are some of the most important, and potentially costly, decisions we make in business. Few people would willingly make significant investment decisions without thorough investigations and due diligence; yet when it comes to selecting people we leave a lot to chance!

Let's just think it through for a minute. The people you appoint take home a decently-sized pay packet (unless you've been lucky enough to find individuals who are content to work for you for the sheer joy of it!), attract sizable on-costs and require robust induction and training. But that's just the start of the cost equation.

The best people will enhance productivity, bring new ideas to the table, create the right impact on customers and make the most of opportunities to grow your business. Get the selection decision wrong, and you might get just the opposite of these desirable outcomes, get it right and you will reap the rewards!

The good news is that there are a number of tools available that can help you make accurate and well-informed choices. Selection interviews, the most common part of the appointments process, can be structured and refined to better measure a candidate's critical success factors; add some different tools and techniques and you are well on the way to spotting who really has the qualities you require.

Insight offers a team of assessment specialists to help you select the people who are most closely matched to your job demands, organisational culture and values. Insight uses a range of objective selection tools and job simulations to assess whether candidates can demonstrate the qualities they claim to offer you. Insight uses exercises that replicate critical aspects of a job role e.g. presenting to clients, working with colleagues, managing people issues or leading change initiatives.

Our toolkit includes:

  • Role Play Exercises using professional business actors - simulating performance management, disciplinary, customer engagement, staff conflict or problem resolution scenarios
  • Team Role Play Exercises requiring the candidate to present to an audience or Chair a difficult meeting
  • Psychometric Questionnaires - measuring personality traits, motivators, decision-making skills and verbal and numerical reasoning skills
  • Competency-based Interviews - drilling-down into each candidates' experiences, successes and development areas
  • Analysis and Decision-Making Exercises - presenting candidates with a range of perspectives on a significant organisational problem and requiring them to diagnose the causes and put a suitable action plan in place

You may have tried using some of these techniques in the past. However, Insight can bring you some of the best tools on the market, the capacity to design new exercises just for you and a depth of expertise in applying them and evaluating the results.

The use of Insight assessment brings a range of benefits including:

  • A conversation with a Business Psychologist to help you determine a comprehensive profile of the personal qualities someone will need to succeed in the role
  • Freedom to choose the types of assessment you wish to use and the knowledge that each exercise will be designed or tailored specifically for your organisation
  • The professionalization of the selection process - sending a clear message to candidates that you take your selection decisions seriously
  • The delivery of a friendly and supportive process that candidates find to be relevant and challenging
  • The availability of detailed insights into each candidate's strengths, weaknesses, preferences and values
  • The opportunity for you to be an active part of the selection process - Insight will enable you to participate and observe different exercises
  • And, of course, more confident appointment decisions

A number of our clients have trusted us to support their appointment decisions for many years. There are no perfect selection methods, but if you would like an opportunity to leave as little to chance as possible, then please talk to Insight about a free and no-obligation consultation session.

Paul Chudleigh

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