Workplace hierarchy – is this the end?

August 11th, 2016

Workplace hierarchy – is this the end?

The biggest take away for me in this article is the importance of clarity of responsibility and authority. The vogue of flat organisation structures is more than likely driven by a macro picture of declining demand and the need to strip out costs, than it is by some ideal that we are are 'equal'. There are no doubt some examples of organisations, particularly in the new tech world, which pursue this nirvana, but my guess this is a function of the need to recruit fast into massive growth forecasts. Many of those (Twitter and Linkedin to name two) are slashing workforces because they have found that making a profit (they never have) is not as easy as burning through money given to by VC's who hope to make an IPO killing.

Good structure, good people, clarity, and a culture of performance will get you a long way.

For more information, read " How to create a corporate culture that champions a team of equals" By Michael Ventura on Mashable.

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