South Wales Coaching Network - Coaching Through Career Change

May 9th, 2016

South Wales Coaching Network - Coaching Through Career Change

Half of Brits wish they'd chosen a different career, 58% unhappy with their career choice.

With statistics like this, is it any wonder we have seen an upturn in people making a career U-turn later in their working lives? What does this mean for coaches and how do coaches support people through career change - however big or small?

This is exactly what we discussed at our session, expertly led by Manjula Bray.

We discussed Career mapping - looking at highs and lows, identifying positive patterns of behaviour and digging into the detail of peak moments to solidify career preferences.

We created a graph that depicted the degree of satisfaction against our career timeline. This led to some enlightened moments - it really highlights what makes you tick!

We also explored the STAR model (Situation, Task, Actions - what you did, Result). We found that this method was even more effective when adding Reflecting after Result. This allows the individual to really assess their role in the task and evaluate the success of their outcomes - whilst acknowledging mistakes and learning from them.

This method is applicable to anyone facing a career change - from graduates to people with a rich work history.

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